The same reason I've been playing them since 1980 or so. Because games are fun. Playing them with friends is fun, playing them solo can also be fun.

I like games for a lot of the same reasons I like music and movies. And like those other forms of media, I need variety to keep me happy.

Why talk about them or read about… » 7/24/14 1:57pm Yesterday 1:57pm

As a HUGE fan of the Eastman / Laird 1984-88 era, I have to disagree with the TMNT movie not living up to the grittiness of those fantastic black & white adventures.

Given the fact that this was 1991, and primarily a "kids" film, they managed to fit in some pretty gritty material, and even a few of the scene's from the… » 7/24/14 11:41am Yesterday 11:41am

Considering that since about the late-90's ANYONE of ANY age can access porn for free on a computer, I'm pretty sure our current crop of young suitors have some seriously misplaced ideas about relationships, and especially flirting/foreplay. So wtf 40+ guy? You should know better! I'm 36, and would never send a… » 7/21/14 6:13pm Monday 6:13pm

My issue with all online focused games, is that eventually you can't play them anymore, because everyone will have moved on to the next big online game after 6 months to a year.

Some have dedicated, long term fanbases, but that's the exception to the rule, when you think about how many actual online games there are.

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