Dark Neon Soaked Hotline Miami Mash-Ups (not generic pop songs)

Yesterday, Kirk posted some Hotline Miami mashups to the Kotaku front page. I made some comments on the song choices the mash up artists used, and was challenged to make one of my own. So I did. I actually made three, with quite a few more inbound tonight and tomorrow.

I chose to grab songs that fit the tone of the… » 1/15/14 12:37pm 1/15/14 12:37pm

Remember Kavinsky's "supposed" Nightride FM station in GTA V?


I went ahead and created it in Spotify, based on my knowledge of the kind of artists he is associated with, and the general sound of synthwave music that he helped popularize in the mid-2000's. I spin this stuff A LOT in my own mixes, so I kind of culled through my playlists looking for the best music that would… » 10/28/13 4:04pm 10/28/13 4:04pm

Where exactly has this animosity for female gamers come from?

I've been seeing more and more articles about female gamers, fake geek girls, etc., etc., etc... ad infinitum... for the better part of this past year or two. What exactly happened to create this sudden hatred of woman amongst the male gamer demographic?

My girlfriend of the past 13 years plays games with me all the… » 7/24/13 11:40am 7/24/13 11:40am

Why you should give Dead Island: Riptide a shot... and ignore the…

I just put in about 4 hours on DI:R last night, and I love it so far. I think a lot of reviewers that pan it, play it like it is Call of Duty or something. You have to use caution when you play, and take your time luring Zombies away in small groups, or you get quickly overwhelmed. I haven't run into a single bug yet,… » 4/25/13 1:41pm 4/25/13 1:41pm